Saturday, December 27, 2008

kekasih lama

Oh Blog ,my life is full of UPs and DOWNs ,even though im not pretty enough to you ,even if im stupid enough to learn ,even if im a bitch to you ,i still love my life no matter how boring it is

But dude ,why is everybody who added me up has a connection with you ?
Do they have to ?
I mean ,was that you behind all these ?
Please don't ask people to add me just because you want to pay back things that i did to you
Please tell me it was not you
Please tell me that you've forgiven me
Please tell me your gonna be my friend again
Please tell me that you still like me as your friend
Please oh Please tell me that you didn't tell the world that i cheated on you
Please .......Boy oh Boy

Eventhough laughter is the medicine
But i just can't laugh when it's about you baby
That was a BIG MISTAKE of mine and i swear it won't happen again
I shouldn't love u ,ya'know
But fate had other plans for me
There's one thing that's still the same .(:
Baby ,you'd better believe i thought of u then

Was that how he saw me ?
Mahn ,i'm waaay tooo embarrassed after what i did
At the end of the day you're who you're
But it never seemed that you miss me
You've changed innit ?
What ever it is ,I lavh ya and probably always will :')

Imma mess
You can't hide from life, dawg .
Eventually ,you gotta live it
I'm nobody's hero
Life is about taking risk

What's the point in being a good person if this is how it goes ?

Friday, December 19, 2008

thank god you already open my eyes.

YOU suck .
you got that nigga ?
there's no such thing as ex-friend
but as for you ,it does HAVE !
and this is for you ,asshole !

be afraid ,be more than afraid

Saturday, December 13, 2008

aiyo painful maaa

Bontot aku sakit today
Ape aku nak bwat ni ?=(((

Friday, December 12, 2008


Hello blog ,
Tibe-2 aku rindu same nick ,zubir and fadhli
Isykk siud !
I missed them laughing time birthday party kawan die aritu .hehe ;p
And oh ,they did sing one song for us and i managed to record it
Well ,lepas jugak rindu aku
Nick sang very well .His voice was not that bad tho :)
So ,enjoy ~~:D:D:D

Thursday, December 11, 2008

food is what am craving for !;p

Emak cooked this for dinner .I dnt knw what is this .It's called nasi empet goreng mungkin ;p
Yummylicious baby !:):)

And this is tauhu goreng .I dnt like tauhu and neither of us makan ia .Mak jek makan .haha
But believe it or not ,i ate 2 of it !miahahhaha ;pp
Hugraaaayyy weh !i ate this tauhu with sambal belacan .sedap weh !:D:D:D

naaaa THIS IS the sambal belacan .Ucu Intan bought it from errmm errmm entahh ,Kedah kot ?;p
I love it !Enak dol !:):):)
Sumpah ianya pedas to kill !hahaha

Isykk ,,teringin plak sambal belacan yang fye bwat .hehe ;p

Pencuci mulut ,yes we should have this after dinner kan ?
Bapak's favourite yo .
Bukan aku ;p
I didn't take this ,thank you :)

Here's my plate .Licin lagi bergaya !
hahaha ;)
Buuuuurrrrrppppppp =]

Haihhh i thought of not to take dinner last night but i couldn't stand it
The smell of emak's masakan was like wow !:O
The taste of the food was like ok jek .Sambal belacan is the best !:):)
Mahn ,how i hope i can go to bed without my dinner ?=S
I should have listened to Kesten of not taking nasi kan
Tak boleh tahan lah
Mungkin i'll amalkan nya when i'm back to campus i guess

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I is not yet tua !;)

tik-tok tik-tok tik-tok
ding-ding-ding !

12.00am ,9th december 2008

It's my birthday baby !:D:D:D:D

Happy Burpdayy to me myself and i ,Nurin Mohd Najib !
Gosh ,i'm getting old
I just cannot accept the fact that I'm turning 19 and next year i'll be 20 which tak akan ade lagi any digits of 1 before the other digits .shiat !:'(
Ahhh !who cares !age is just a number okeh ?:)

I was waiting for my bday wishes .Yes i DID !

But unfortunately FEW of them wished me which makes me feel so sad and unloved !:'(

Anyway ,thanks to them who wished me on my birthday !
I is loving you guys so muchy much !:-*
  1. Fye
  2. Nur
  3. Fazliana
  4. Hani
  5. Humaira
  6. Dina
  7. Fazreena
  8. Hafizah Adnan
  9. Faezah Hamid
  10. Asilah
  11. Hafizah Izham
  12. Iefa
  13. Zati
  14. Athirah
  15. Maryam
  16. Hanis Varx
  17. Nadirah
  18. Umairah
  19. Arina
  20. Adiba RAsyida
  21. Mya
  22. Mirot
  23. Wak Mah
  24. Afifah
  25. Jihan
  26. Hidayah Yazid
  27. Byte Muslim
  28. Izzati
  29. Ain Sulha
  30. Yana Keng
  31. Miza
  32. Anis
  33. Nina
  34. Azlin Syahida
Okay ,the one that i've highlighted is the one that i expect gonna wish me on the dot I mean 12.00am/00:00 tepat okay !
Isyk ,look what they've done ?hahha
nahhh ,it's okay .it's just me who is so gedik with such things ;p

Those who wished me through myspace and friendster ,i'd like to thank you guys for remembering my birthday eventhough i know it's actually myspace and friendster yang remind korang kan ?hehehe ;pp

And seperti the previous birthday ,i didn't receive any giftsss which i don't really care because sudah berumur .hehe ;p

Mak bwat brownies .awww super sweet lah
thanks emak !ily :-*

and i'm boreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddd .haaiihh :(

i wanna go back to uia to meet my friends

hopefully they wanna celebrate my birthday balik .kan best cmtu ?*crossing finger*

Saturday, December 6, 2008


i went to this reunion this afternoon
reunion budak-budak maahad
do i miss them ?
no i'm not

it's just that i want to meet them
i wanna see who has changed

asri fetched me around 11.20am
gile budak itu boleh sesat lagi .hisyk !
then he brought raffy along
agak malu lah because i'm the only girl dalam kereta

let pictures do the talking halrite ?:)

the boys

the girls

zaki ,my ke-brape-ntah crush .well ,memories ~ :D:D

ketam ,bombet ,wantoad ,fizah ,safuan and napi

aizat ,napi and sapuan

and yeah asri tak reti bawak kereta !
he langgar kereta depan die tadi
he was talking to me and toleh belakang
for all of the sudden ..bbbbbbboooommmmm !langgar kereta depan
raffy was like "eh eh asri asri"
gile gelabah mamat tu
wakkaka :P
he has to pay rm40 just to repair his car
mahn ,guilty gila aku and i said i'll pay him rm10
he refused and asked me to belanje him makan the next time we keluar
ohh and kau makan rm10 jek lah ye ?
jyeah riteee !
hahaha thanks asri :D
that's all for today folks
c ya ~

Thursday, December 4, 2008

dear haters

why do people hate other people ?
why do they talk shits about other people ?
why do they love gossiping ?
why do the people want to know about other people ?
you be the judge
i mean you answer it yourselves

well you ,haters are everywhere yo
i mean they are all around us
it's just us who don't even know whether they hate us or not
am i right ?

hypocrite !yes that's the word ,hypocrite !
everybody is hypocrite .so what ?!
but once you're my friend ,do tell me ape salah lah
no secrets between us boleh kah ?!
can i count on you for life ?your just my friend
that's what friends are for lah sayang oi !

even if you've chose the right friends ,they just ain't perfect
they sometimes talk bad things about us behind our back isn't it ?
best friends sometimes do the same thing when the conflicts in the friendship appears
gaaahhh .we can't avoid them lah weh !

anyway ,haters are like promoters ya'know !
yeah as far as i'm concerned ,when they talk about us to others
people will know us rite ?
i mean others will like "ohh ye ke die tu camtu camtu ?nak tengok lahh yang mane satu minah or mamat tu"
alaahh sometimes me myself pun macam tu .hehe ;p

when there's no haters no rumours no gossips = No Life lah babe !:D:D:D
it's a life so ,deal with it lah :)

to my dear haters ,you're welcome here !
your almost welcome !
i know you guys hate me for some reasons
i'm curious yes i am !
but don't you guys feel like to give me a second chance to fix everything ?
yes everybody makes mistake lah you
so do hate me WITH reasons okay ?

well ,if i did wrong or something ,do let me know and tell me the mistakes
because sometimes humankind just dont know their mistake and keep doing it
if not you guys ,the haters to tell us what's the problem ,who else kan ?!
so ,jangan cakap belakang jek lah weyy !
mai mai cik mai !kite settle depan-depan okay ?:)

and if you dont know me ,dont talk craps !
get to know me first and THEN you can talk shit about me ok ?
one more thing ,if people ask you "weh kau kenal tak this girl or this boy ?"
if you know him/her .just answer "yes" lah
don't say "a'a aku kenal die tu ..die tu mmg cmtu ..die cmni camtu bla3 .."
what for weh ?!
your just wasting your time lah !
plus you just jealous with us yang tak buat ape-ape dengan kau and tak baek ngan kau kan ?!
please lah
yes sometimes i'm so childish
that's why people hate me

others will think we ,the winner yang salah
padahal the losers to ape jek enn
they are nothing
they have nothing to do better other than kutuk-kutuk orang belakang-belakang

so what ?!
it's my life
they dont have the right to kacau !
sshhuhhhh ,,fuckooff haters !

but psst ,,cite lah buruk pasal aku
naik lah name aku nanti

that's all folks ,thank youuu my haters ,i hate you :-*

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Live your life !

hola people
i am soo fucking darn sad today !
depressed ,stressed ,annoyed ....sume ade

first thing is about my results !
i am not going to major in communication
it's like shiat !:(
i didn't do well
my result sux !:'(
mak and bapak ,i am so sorry for disappointing you guys
but what should i do ?
i'm such a lazy bum
when i have the confidence to get an A ,it end up with the C grade
sape tak sedih wehh ?!:'(
i just dnt knw how to explain to you guys
i know you guys will like "kenapa tak blaja" or maybe "ni lah ,,asyik jalan jek" or "win ni kurang smayang ni win" or kemungkinan juge "salah gune enjoy tu kan win ?"
ohh boyyy ,am afraid to hear those thangs from you coz i might cry in front of you guys
it's a shame of me myself for not being a good daughter of theirs
i know dina and hani did well in their studies
i did !but it's not enough
i have this short-term memory which i dnt knw how to buang ia
i have this habit of last minute of studying
i have this bad bad bad super bad attitude which i dnt do the revision
i just dnt know
kesten adviced me to change in my new sem
i'll try !i mean i'm gonna try to do my best and change everything next semester !
how can i make my parents satisfy with me ?
study !yes study !
but the problem is i'll easily get fed up and give up with myself
anyway ,things happen for a reason kan ?
like kesten said ,if i major in comm ,i might not like the subject or i might fail for the following semester
i agree but me myself dnt hv any idea what will be the responses of my parents when they get to know my result
Ya Allah ,hopefully they'll understand and give me another chance to prove to them that i actually can do it !i know i can do it !like my sisters but .........................................
haih =S

second thing is about kegemukan
well ,i know i am fat
obesity or whatever people call it
i just dnt knw how to loose my weight
ya'know am soo lazy to exercise sume kan
so ,i have an idea of going to London weight management
hahaha ;p
i tried to ask my mom
it was like "mak ,tak aci ah hani dpt cantekkan gigi ,dina rambut ,org tade ape pun"
and mak was like "abestu win nak cantekkan ape ?"
yesss ,,she's asking baby !!:D:D:D
"org rase org nak kuruskan badan kat london tu ah"
"situ mahal ah win"

yeah i knw it's expensive
super duper expensive
but when i'm desperate to be kurus ,i need that management
hahah ;p

i dnt knw if my parents mampu or not ;p
but let's just try ,ape salahnye kan :)
like bapak said ,"jangan sangke buruk kat org"
yeah ,lets not sangke buruk kat mak
and believe it that she will bring me to that london weight management *crossing finger* :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

ohh old friendsss

I have friends
I used to have lotsa friends .countless
They went away just like that :(
Mase berlalu sangat cepat
Sampai mereka lupekan aku
I just dnt understand what actually friends need from me eyy ?
Am i too bad for them ?
I treat them like shit ?
I talk bad things bout them ?
They are waaaaaaaaaaaayyyy to hebat compare to me ?
or I just dont deserve them ?

argh !confuse aku !
stress jadiknye !=S

afidz ridwan
i'm your old friend
i know you know me
we haven't chatted ever since i finished my spm
and starting from that ,you are forgetting me ?
what type of friend are you ?!
and now you call me bitch just because malas nak layan kerenah org
wtf ?!
argh !i just dnt care but actually i care ...................................

nazirul ashraf
i missed you
we've been friends since my first time in cyber world :)
i've cheated you
i know you're like superly duperly hate me :(
i am sorry .i really am sorry !:'(
my mistake .i'm not supposed to cheat on you .it's just that i dnt have the strength and self-confidence to be myself when i'm with you
you know because of my appearance and how do i look like kan ?
like kesten said ,"die tgk rupe lah nurin ,lupe jek kan die"
how can i forget about him ?
HE'S MY FRIEND !used to be ..
how can i get him back ?
please tell me ohh boyyy :(

azlin syahida
My long lost girlfriends
I miss you guys so frigging much !!!!:'(
I dnt think you guys would still remember me but I ALWAYS DO :)

I knew sara coz of mentor and awal ashaari
we both liked him haha ;p
we texted almost everyday and yeah we gossiped a lot !
i put her as my activ5 but no longer in my list now :(
I've known her since she's in form 3 and now she's 17 ,habes spm sudah

I knew azlin because of azan addin
we were so obsess with him .haha funny lame thing ;p
we called each other sampai bill phone rumah melambung
She's The one that i missed the most !='[

I knew Een because of graffiti thingy .
You called me and that time i senyap-senyap used my mom's phone and i thought it was nafis ?haha rindu!
and ohh your ex-boyfriend ,adi ashraf hot stuff dulu weh ;p

These three paling aku baik suatu ketika dahulu
Now i'm nothing to them
I just cnt firgure it why ?
SEDIH amat !:(
but your just the best girlfriends i've ever kenal ! =]

takyah cite lahh uk peeps kan
memang berlambak
and because of i've lost contact with them ,sume pun lupekan aku
cissss !!!:(

haihh ,,how i miss them so much !
i'm like from someone to nobody !
haha sounds funny but yeah it's true mahn !:(
I hope you guys will remember me like i always do :)
goodluck in everything you do guys !:D
I'm looking forward to meet you guys
and hopefully we can be friends like we used to be .hehe =D
and thanks for being my friends dulu-dulu :)