Wednesday, August 18, 2010

She yells because she cares

Eh blog ,,

nowadays I have problem with my sleeping time .ya'know when it's in the month of Ramadhan ,you will feed your tummy at night .for me it's good .so that I can go on with my diet plan .ahaaa *wink*

but then ,my sleeping time .yes ,that's the problem !I usually go to sleep at 1am or sometimes 3am and wake up at 6.30 or 7 .I know I haven't had enough sleep but yeah ,at least I get to sleep on a BED !hehe

so now macam dah confused .macam wondering bile patutnya kena tido .dengan class habis at 7pm kan .the daily routine is continuing but I need to wake up at 5 for sahur .therefore ,kenalah bentang comforter tido bawah or else I won't be awake untuk sahur -.-"

Oh I just can't wait for weekends !I'm so in need of bayar balik hutang tido .yes .after went through this extremely rough&&&tough week .I'm exhausted .seriously .



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