Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Look at his eyes .lawa okayyy *hearts*

What if i CANNOT come to lynn's wedding
What if my FINAL starts on the 8th of november

The only solution i have in my mind here is just ,DELETE that bloody facebook

Because i'm FARKING SURE the cousins and the sisters will upload pictures WITHOUT me there

SHIT .i feel like crying .yeah .seriously
No joke

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Patrick starr

Guess who ?
Haha !

"The nice thing about being a celebrity is that when you bore people, they think it's their fault."
Henry Kissinger

Whaaa ..?!



My all time favourite picture of hers .eh tak ,ada yang laen .what else can i say ,she's too ADORABLE (=

Heres my confession :I don't like people to look at my notes .its not that i hate it or wht .its just that i feel ashame ..

Do not look at my notes if you dont understand it
I feel stupid because you'll be laughing kat either me or the notes
I knw it

So please
I feel insulted
I'm not clever
My vocab is not AS GOOD AS YOURS

But but its my notes so what the hell ?
I can write whatever i want lah kan
You fucking loser back off lah
It's your fault
Sape suruh tak dgr the lecture .DUHH

Monday, October 19, 2009


iLYAS .cumil ain't he ?*melts* =DD

I can read
I can hear
I can write
But I CANNOT speak
Oh English ,,
How could you do this to me
How could this happen to me

Wish I can be like some people who can speak english fluently ,very well
Gahh ,,it pressures me whenever I need to present or participate in class

How to practice when you don't even have the strength and confidence to talk
Especially with friends ,trust me
Because everytime you speak ,they will laugh at you
Kenapa ya ?*wonders* =S

Thursday, October 15, 2009

To go or Not to go

What's up with this farking facebook ?!
I tried to log in like 2000times and still can't log in
Izzit because everyone dah ada facebook and it's jammed dah
Oh ,,macam tu lah ?

nice right ?!yeaa ,i know
why thank youuu
haha :P
well ,I'm officially missing them
It's like for agesss dah tak jumpa dorang
Busy with stuff and don't have time to call
But but you guys know I'm not into calling people kan
Not even suka untuk talk on the phone
The only thing to lepaskan rindu is
Tengok balik all the pictures taken
and gelak sorang-2
then tangan gatal to edit those pictures
hehe ;DD

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cinta munyet

There you go ..Huzaifah is the name given .knowing him is the best thing ever .frankly speaking ,i got a crush on him since i was in like what ?secondary 4 i guess .and yeah till NOW !hakhak

This picture taken by umai at sheila's during hari raya .people were like ..
"Ape ?!nurin kau suka dia lagi ?!"
"Tolong lah nurin .die tak cute langsung"
"Macam ni taste kau rupenye ye"
"Move on lah nurin ,die dh dgn suhana dari form4 lg tau"

Weh weh ,relax !!he doesnt like me back pun .apalah .haha

And after looking at him wearing V neck t-shirt that day .Am a lil bit TURN-OFF lah .gay-ness !lmfao =P

Anyway ,this sound of phone's vibrate annoyed me like freaking hell .where did it come from i wonder ?!campak kat dinding baru taw !)x


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Man

Chris Brown

He's HOT
Don't you think so ?
The sexiest creature on earth weyyy
Benaren !;DDD

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Maahadians :D

God .I'm so tired with assignments ,presentations and quizzes
I was in the mood to read people's blog but after looking at those Raya entries that they posted berserta with colorful and interesting pictures ,terus keluar dari page diorang
Wich means I hate raya entries for now because I'm so stress with tons of work that need to be done within this month while i'm still in the raya mood .College student i guees ?=S

Anyway ,I met Fathy just now .She's eating sweets .Aint that sweet ?hahha :>
I didnt say hye to her because she was very eager looking at those colorful sweets and she makes me want to have something sweet right now .hah

Oh Muar ,I'm sorry I can't go back this weekend
I have replacement class on Saturday and Meeting on Sunday
Eh no ,wait .Is that meeting will be held on Saturday night ?
Gosh ,I don't know
Guess I need to check with Naqib again .gahhhh :((

I'm about to go to Istana Budaya to watch Cuci The Musikal with Rfq Kml
Erm .I don't think it's affordable
So better not to go with him .We're broke .hehe
Told ya I pick the date you choose the place kan .hisyk .degil .

Think I'd better off to bed by now because I need to get ready for tomorrow
Am gonna try my best to finish up all the tasks but well well I don't think I'll manage to do that in one day
Malas menyelubungi diri .hihi :P

Goodnight (: