Thursday, October 7, 2010

Whose Birthday is Today ey ?

Eh blog ,,

My friend got fight with my other friend .I don't whether I terlibat or not but I don't want to get involve in any fights .I had enough .so it happen that the fight began when I was having dinner with them .it's like this ...

A said it's okay if B wants to borrow A's car cause B is the only one who can drive .that was before .but now suddenly A using her/his mom's name for reasons yang kukuh .therefore ,B C D and also me (takda kaitan) can't take a ride with that car .NOW that A's mom larang semuanya .it's weird when it became like this .I thought they're sehidup semati punya member .haha

Me ?I don't know .I don't want to think of the problem .I already had my own problemsss !

Okay .I need coffee or nescafe to stay awake .quizzes ,exams ,presentations ,assignments ,discussions .ugh !so tired already .hmm



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