Monday, October 25, 2010

it ain't fair at all

Eh blog ,,

I haven't yet present for Political Thought .there wasn't enough time to present cause there were so many groups left .eeee tension habis !and I asked Sir Danial if we can go to his room tomorrow or bila-2 within this week cause my forst paper starts this Sunday .so ,I don't wanna kacau my finals .geram lah bila you've prepared everything but suddenly you can't present sebab tak cukup time .deeemmm !>.<

and tomorrow I have oral for Arabic and tasmi' for Tilawah .eh ni pun lagiiiiii tension !11.30am Sir Danial asked us to present for Political Thought .at 12pm I got tasmi' thingy .the at 2pm I have oral .shoot !how am I supposed to survive with everything that needs memorization .dah lah I have problems with memorizing facts .adoyaiii -.-"

I want to go back to Ampang on Wednesday but I just heard that my final for Tilawah is on Wednesday as well .therefore ,I should postpone everything .I want to check for the final schedule but this UIA website is so annoying .I couldn't get through the website sebab ada error whateverrrr !ISH X-(

and hell yeah I haven't start my revision yet .sebuk main Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing pulak .hehe

I gotta start study now lah cause I have paper straight from 31st till 2nd of November. ceyt
wish me luck eyy :)

Goodluck for finals people !!!:D:D:D



Blogger asfira aminuddin said...

gud luck nurin. :)

October 25, 2010 at 11:31 PM 

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