Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dream On !

Eh blog,,

I was thinking of tukar-ing my phone .it's
not that my phone has rosak already but I just need a new phone that I can go online without paying anything .I mean without deducting my credits .I loooooveeeee my current phone but the fact that it always terpadam without giving me any signals ,really piss me off man !-.-"

the other night ,my Sony Ericsson Z610i fall off from my bed .you know how tinggi my bed is kat UIA ni kan .okay terkejut !but when I jumped off the bed ,the phone was still okay .in fact ,it won't terpadam all by itself lagi dah .weird isn't it ?it's like the phone already knew that I wanna get a new phone .aww
pity you baby !haha

so here's my wish list .awh !why can't I just get ALL of these man !baru lah puas hati and won't regret buying this phone and not that phone .you know what I mean right bloggie oh ?:):)

Sony Ericsson ViVaz Pro
I've been usha-ing this phone agessss ago .kesian kan ?haha before I kumpul the money pun dah duk bukak website SE everyday .kira macam hopefully dapatlah phone ni kalau dah sampai tahap tengok website SE everyday kan .haha

and then I came up with a status that "iPhone4 is sold out .APE LA !" .so there were several friends who did comment about it .SD and KE said iPhone sucks !so I just wondered phone apa yang tak sucks bagi diorang ek ?HAHA

and SD asked me to look at the operation system whether the phone uses Android or Symbian or whatever it is .I thought of not taking her advice ,just go and buy the phone but thank God I did take some times to do some researches .eventhough I still can't figure it out what exactly the differences of Android and Symbian ,and whether they effect the connection when I go online and EVERY SINGLE THING la .I just don't understand .Ya Allah loser gila aku dalam IT -.-"

iPhone 3GS
ish !iPhone 3GS ni tak boleh nak lawa lagi ke haaa ?!alaaa jealousnya sebab colour merah !tsk tsk !T_T .after knowing about the android thingy ,I beralih arah to this phone .nice isn't it ?*wink*

nice also meh .tempting gilaa tengok iphone .dah macam food plak bunyiknya :P:P

BUT after going to the maxis centre .okay ,tarik balik ,tanak iPhone dah !HAHA why oh why ?cause it's so frigging complicated to buy this phone .apa ni ada ivalue plan lah iData plan lah semua .lu fikir wa tau lah semua ni haa derr !complicated kan complicated kan !
I need to change my number to bill one .prepaid ke post paid ke whatever the people call it lah .geram gilaaa .terus macam ,nevermind ,just forget about it .I know the parents won't let me use the phone that needs me to pay monthly and I pun tanak bayar monthly ,nanti I tak dapat enjoy my allowance with other things .hehehe

Let see what's next on my wish list ;)
samsung Galaxy S
this looks like iPhone but I got more excited when the operation system is android but the worst part is ,it costs Rm1800 - rm2000 .haaaa cantek !mana nak datang duet ,you tell me !-____-

iPod touch
oh sooooo yummylicious !!:D:D:D Imma get this gadget if I could find any phones that fulfilled the requirements and it costs me only rm800 and below cause Imma need rm900 to buy this lil thingy .awh baby ,just wait for me kayy .muahhxx !!:):)

Imma stop dreaming and start doing my assignment .pfft !



Blogger AmirFX said...

Dreams on.. haha... Wei, ko berangan tak berbayar pun.. hehe.. Tapi bagi aku kan kalau nak sgt benda tu kena usaha lebih sikit jer... Pasti dpt punya...

October 11, 2010 at 10:15 AM 
Blogger NunsNajib said...

haha amer hepp !kutuk aku jek ,ni satgi aku pkai ,aku nak show offffff kat kau !!HAHA

October 11, 2010 at 1:55 PM 
Blogger Shawal Abd. Rashid said...

beli sajew nurin! bila lg... aku pown duk menunggu phone aku yg bru dr akak aku.. tp smpai skang diorang x beli2 lg... huhu... berangan la aku smpai dpt.

October 13, 2010 at 4:39 PM 

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