Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yummy Mummy Muvieee

Eh blog ,,

last Friday I went to watch this cute movie all by myself .I was supposed to straight away go back to diNa's house but all of the sudden ,I thought of watching movie to release my tension .so I went to KLCC .thought of watching The Switch but it started around 7pm .too late to go back to Ampang nanti .so ended up watching this Sammy's Adventure movie .soooo cute eyy :D:D:D .plus ,it's 3D .how cool is that huh !;) the children laughed happily eventhough it's quite boring .hahaha

my next 3D-must-watch-movie is THIS one .cartoon memang sangat cute kann evethough they look ugly !haha anyway ,I'm so looking froward to watch this cartoon .trailer die cam best-best adn CANTIK je :)

Haha okay .I think I better stop talking about movies that I wanna watch cause I haven't finished any of the assignments yet .Ya Allah ,teruknya aku T_T .eh who cares man !I still need movies to entertain me .movies bring laughter in me .so yeah !haha :D:D

psst ,,Devil pun best .so who's gonna watch this movie with me ,raise your hand please !hehe ;))



Blogger Leya said...

hehe best x?
wahh sonoknyee dpt tgk movie..
jeles i..haha ;p

October 10, 2010 at 11:46 PM 

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