Thursday, October 14, 2010


Eh blog ,,

I SHOULD have done my CP assignment man !but my friend came to me once she knew I was sick .baik kan ?we can't say NO to guest right ?cause theoretically guests bring rezeki to us .am I right ?:S

my dear blog ,I currently am having a bad fever .a really bad one sampai I can't even bukak my eyes .HAHA okay exaggerate lebih =P .demam biasa tapi letih gila .I went to all classes reluctantly ,my body's weak .I couldn't even talk but nobody understands me .they thought I was mad at them .c'mon la ,I don't get upset with people that easy ,there must be another reason behind all these .all you need to do is think think think !haha

I barely got sick .so once I got sick ,my body'd be very weak and I'll mengigau at night .that's what happened to me last night T_T

And I just kept silent for 2 freaking days .no mood to talk .no mood to joke around .no mood to walk .no mood to everything but got mood to EAT !hehe

feel like dying now cause there's so much things to do but my body didn't allow me to do so .she just need a DEEP REST :)

Ugh .bila la semua ni nak berakhir :-/



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