Tuesday, October 26, 2010

KLCC ,I miss you :)

Eh blog ,,

Who doesn't like to go to KLCC .you tell me !I'll knock him down like a mouse .hehe

I know I cannot go shopping here .it's like whenever I tell them I wanna go to KLCC to buy pen or comics or magazines or whatever ,some people may say that "wow beli pen kat klcc !aku beli pen kat kedai kokak jek" .ITU KAU PUNYA PASAL LAH !haha

it's not like I spend all my money here .I just go here whenever I fell like watching movies .the fact that it's near to IIUM is like woohooo !!I'm the top of the world baby !!HAHA

what else eh about it that makes me oh-so-in-love with KLCC ?everything ,EVERY SINGLE THING I suka pasal KLCC .so ,don't you dare talk trash about it .haha

but I think I just like the 'Suria' KLCC .not exactly the twin tower ni pun cause itu basically office jek banyak .heh

KLCC's park fountain at night is always nice !I always loveeee it !:)

but never get the chance to watch it cause entaaah ,nadaa partner to stare at this fountain and macam "aww isn't that niceee ...!" HAHA :P

alaaa now I miss KLCC already !:( I miss going there and watch movie all by maself .I miss mingling around without any purposes .I miss going to Kinokuniya .I miss going to the food court .hell yeah it's not as great as and as perfect as OU ke the Curve ke ikea ke Jusco ke kan .it just the plain silver KLCC .aww such an awesome place for people like me to mingle around without nothing else to do :):):)

evertime there's no class in the evening ,I'll take a bus or taxi and straight away pegi KLCC .bestnyaaa hidup macam tu .but now cannot anymore meh .cause I have exams .if my mom found out that I was in KLCC ,she'll right away ask me to go back to UIA .eeeeee sedih !huhu

JOOOMM terbang pegi KLCC !!ahh no way !I'd rather ask this superman to fly me to my hometown .whatever it is ,IMISSMUARMOREEEEEEEEE :')



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