Wednesday, October 6, 2010

two convocations in a month !:)

Eh blog ,,

Usim's convocation and UIA's covocation .can you spot any differences ?not really ha .they both wear robe and topi grad kan kan ?haha

Well ,I just want to share with you blog that I went to my sister's convocation as well as my cousin's .it was a hell of fuuuuunn I tell ya !:D:D:D I love this kind of 'occasion/event' !love love love :)

I cannot wait to have mine sebab nampak macam best gilaaa plus happening je .hehe
the sister ambek degree in Usim and the cousin ambek PhD in UIA .let the photos do the talking aite :))

the parking place for Political Science's Head of Department .NICE !they got their own parking place .no need to go to school early ha ?*wink*

It's me and the graduated student .I bet you're so proud of yourself eyy cause me and the family are very proud of you !jyeaaah :]
This is how we role
It's UIA baby !it's UIA !!!haha
fair and square aite ;)

Oh wait ,I think I just saw bomBet the other day .ah malasnyaaaaaaaaa nak tegur lahaaaiii .so I pretended like I didn't see him .he was like "nuRin najIb !" and I was like "eh hai" SAHAJA !haha sangat tak friendly okaaay !soree bro !I just don't appreciate friends who don't appreciate me :) kalau yOng ke ,asnA ke ,that's different cause the appreciate me .ERR I HOPE SO !haha

but I think my Maahad friends mostly didn't and still don't appreciate me .Convent and UIA are better .above all ,Convent friends are the best !lovelovelove .hehe

went home and felt like crying cause I haven't touched anything yet for Political Thought's assignment .cry cry cry !HAHA



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