Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bieber Fever

eh blog ,,

it's not exactly Bieber fever moment .it iiissss EXAM FEVER week !eh ,month actually :)I bet everybody's busy with their books here and there right .it's like when they eat ,books will be next to them .when they change clothes ,books will be in front of them .books are everywhere with them .but not in the toilet please :P

here's what happen to me IF I didn't finish doing my revision -.-"

hopefully not ,I must finish doing my revision at least tonight and tomorrow morning I need to just go through what I've read .please Ya Allah :)

I just finished revising Rousseau ,dialectical materialism ,Marx's theory of alienation and post-modern political thought .I have another 4topics to go .haven't yet study about Foucault ,the Islamic scholars and Tannenbaum Schultz .shoot !I'm so dead man !X-(
I don't really know what Tannenbaum Schultz exactly is .is it the Marx's theory or the author's/writer's name or WHAAAAT ?:-O

Haha okay ,done with all the craps ,lets continue with what I've studied eyy cause I have tons of notes to read pasal Comparative Politics of the Muslim World .mati lagi lah I !!X-(

I leave you people with this picture .hopefully you won't look like this when you're in the examination hall okay .gdluck buddies !!!!xoxo




Blogger Leya said...

lol your pictures makes me laugh..
i nees it! haha since i'm so stress sok de exam..haha

anyway, goodluck dear =)

October 30, 2010 at 11:32 PM 

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