Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sometimes It Is Hard to Tell

Eh blog ,,

I suddenly miss this mosque .guess where is this mosque ?NILAI !!hooyeahh !haha

I have Tilawah exam tomorrow (cepat wish me LUCK !!=P) morning at 10 but I'll go to CAC at 8.30am with fiZa cause her exam is at 9 .I don't wanna go alone cause I might lost and couldn't find the venue cause I don't have friends in that class .loser gila kaaan !SOBS !

well blog ,in case you didn't notice that I actually hate exams .I'd rather go to class and listen to the lecture everyday than have to struggle for finals .eh I bukan saja tak suka finals but mid-term as well .everything that needs my brain to be working or needs me to write and to think will definately piss me off

it's the syndrome that only me can have it .sebab it's ABNORMAL yo people !haha



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