Sunday, October 17, 2010

I got fever cause I'm homesick

Eh blog ,,

I've been sick for the last 6 freaking days .the first day was the worst !I was so moody and cranky .in fact ,I got into a fight with several friends due to the silent-ness .oh I'm soree friends ,it wasn't my intention not talking to you guys ,it was my flu and cough that ruined my past 6 days :-S

it wasn't that easy to get sick at this time .I mean it's so stressed out for having this bad fever when you gotta walk to class dalam panas-2 semua and listen to the lecture and tahan dengan air-conditioner dalam class then walk out from the class and panas balik .your body'd feel so bloody weak man !plus ,you're damn homesick .memang you need time to be alone lah kan

I guess I have this flu plus cough which equals to fever ni due to the homesick-ness lah kan .I dah tak balik for about 3weeks .shoot !nak masuk sebulan lebih kurang .seriously ?bravo bravo !HAHA

even I know that I have loads of assignments that need to be submitted next week ,I just couldn't care less .I need to go back home jugak .kalau tak ,memang parah !HAHA
and so I went home on Friday morning ,effort gila finished up Comparative Politics' assignment malam tu jugak and gave the pen drive to fazReena :)

and now I'm home and need to go back to UIA tomorrow evening :'( haven't finished PPA's assignment yet .haven't even touched the book yet .memang best lah .gotta stay up lah tomorrow's night kan ?-.-"

I want to sleep .it's a waste of time je stay up malam ni cause I won't start doing the assignment ,lazy bum !:P



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