Monday, November 22, 2010

You're something that someone would only meet in a nightmare

Eh blog ,,

Lately I was being so childish and hyper .ever since I have this iPod ,I can go online anywhere and whenever I want to as long as there's Internet connection :wi fi .Niceeeeee man ;)

And I did drop comments to some people that I think never wanted to hello me .they just add me up and that's it .what's the purpose of doing that entah ,tambah list kawan kot ?pfft !

Then I just realized that lately I love the word 'man' .what's with that 'man' man ?!seriously !at the end of my sentence I'll put 'man' .that sucks man !opppssyy ...again !hahaha

here's my man !he didn't win anything at the shout awards I guess .demm shout awards .I hate that awards for not giving him a chance to win at least one award .HMPFT !!!

Whatever man .today's sultan johor's birthday .happy birthday man !!!love you for giving us public holiday for today .HAHA



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