Sunday, November 21, 2010

today could never be tomorrow

I do nothing for today .anyway ,happy Sunday people !:))

Woke up in the morning thought that emak wanted to make nasi lemak but sigh it was nothing on the table except for makton's stew X_______X

Went online from morning till now .demm I'm so farking bored !-.-" sent haNi to bus stand ,she needs to go back to KL .haha you !:P

Oh I got to drink air kelapa !!!!Niceeeeee !!!I LOVE it like always :))

Bapakkk was so upset when he couldn't change his spectacles as his current spects look so TERRIBLE and he blamed the workers for everything .haha chill la bapak :P

I can't go online through the laptop cause bapak's pc need to be formatted at it's still with Midi .pity you bapak :P

Okay whatever it is ,I had lunch at 6pm .does that count as lunch ??Chhheeeuuhh T____T

even if the food stock is half of the table ,we still get hungry every minutes and every secs :PP



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