Friday, November 26, 2010

Relax ,don't stress over it .Just have fun !

Eh blog ,,

It's almost 3am .I'm sleepy but I don't wanna sleep cause I wanna spend more time with games ,musics and everything before the holidays end :(

Well yeah ,I just learned how to put lyrics in my iPod .that's my current obsession .haha :))

Then I downloaded all the old songs that people might say "ehh lagu tuu ,lame tak dengar !!!!" when they dengar to that particular song .haha

And I just realized that Taylor Swift yang nyanyi lagu teardrops on my guitar !what the F-hole !I hate that women but she sang my all time favorite song !a lil upset in here .HAHA

Gotta continue what I'm doing :D:D



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