Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tell Me Everything about It

It's been a week I slept with the lights on .and now I can see the wrinkles everywhere especially my hand .shessshhh .I dowanna look old when I'm actually a lil kid .hihiks :P

anyway -- eh blog ,,

Arabic level four was extremely hard man !I'm so farking dead .now it's for real !I hate it when I targeted to score in this paper and suddenly the paper turned out to be a hell of difficult !shiaaat laa !I thought the essay would be any topic from the book .I mean like ,I've prepared for "hiwayati" and "hayatuka al-jami'ah" and suddenly ceuuhh ....essay "ukhuwah fil Islam" pulak .dayyyumm .I didn't even have the idea to write it in English or Malay .it's like I got nothing in my mind O____O

lagi tension when my friends already prepared for the essay and I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT IT !!!how'd you feel eh ?feel like killing them or feel like killing/stabbing yourself ?nahh ,I felt like I've been back-stabbed pun ada .heh ,I dowanna talk about this .I also dowanna blame anyone .benda dah berlaku kan ,nak marah apa guna ,bukan boleh turn back time pun .X_____X

Imma go back to Ampang tomorrow .hell of the yeaaaaahhh !I love it when I'm with the family ,frankly speaking they sometimes do annoy me but I love them more than I love my friends cause sometimes I feel like I was not appreciated by them .when it comes to family ,there'll never be a concept of "family comes and go" .there's only the concept of "friends come and go" that exist raaaaaaiiitteee ?nyeehhh :)

whatever it is .I'm so depressed .I was sooooo disappointed with what has happened today !!but hmm serves me right la cause I didn't prepare well for the exam .nyehh ,whateverrrr !



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