Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blackberry baby

Eh blog ,,

diNa has just bought a brand new Blackberry Curve .nice eh !!jealous me eyy :P:P she never wants to take off her hands outta the phone .24/7 with the phone .geez ,that's funny eyy !am I gonna be just like her when I buy a new phone nanti eh ?HAHA

Here's how she looks when she's so addicted with her new BB .heh heh

hAni was supposed to buy iPhone4 when we went to Pavilion just now but unfortunately ,iPhone4's sold out already .pretty sad huh !but ended up diNa was the one who buy the phone .

we were pretty upset when we knew that iPhone4 has already sold out .orang KL ni somehow sangat weird kaaaan .banyak banyak maxis cetre ,semua pun soldout !CETT !!

that's all from me folks .Imma go study for the last paper on Tuesday .gdnite !:):)


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