Thursday, November 4, 2010

If I had Rapunzel's Hair

eh blog ,,

if I ever had Rapunzel's Hair ,I'd be the first one to shout my lungs out and saying "JYEAAAHH !!MY HAIR IS FINALLY GROW LONGER !!" .hell yeah I'd be the happiest creature in this world as the fact that my hair would never grow any longer cause if it did ,it'd be an afro !ugh .I always wanted my hair to grow normal .hehe

and oh ,what would you do if you had 70 feet of magical golden hair ?for me ,I'd surely make my hair as a cowboy rope !isn't that interesting ?you can simply grab anything that you want that you cannot reach from your place .and the MOST important and interesting thing is that ,I want my hair to be a cowboy rope cause it's easier for me to grab any guys that I found interesting .RAWRRR !!it's like whenever I mingle around in KLCC or somewhere else ,and I found any hot guys ,I'd use my 70 feet of magical golden hair to straight away grab him and say "hey lets go out with me and have some fuuuunn !" hehe .so that's it .yeah ,that's what I'd do when I had 70 feet of magical golden hair :)

this is how my hair looks like :]

anyway ,,I found this contest at Nuffnang's blog .pretty cool eyy .you know I like to read blogs right .suddenly I found this contest about Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale.ahaaaa I'm so eager to join without putting any high expectation because I know there already millions of Nuffnangers had joined this contest aite .so I guess this is just for fun and IF I'm lucky to be the winner ,that's fantastic !:D:D:D



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