Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Dad is a Hero ,a Superhero

Eh blog ,,

That's bapak taking a nap in a bus after yearsss of driving to KL .at last !he can sit back and relax :)

Knowing that he's getting old every year really scares me to the max .yeah la .he's not strong enough to walk .he's not strong enough to drive .he's not strong enough to work .he's not strong enough to do house chores .he's a hot-tempered .sometimes he can't hear clearly .sayu hati !T_T

Anyway ,,he's 57 .hopefully he has the strength and guts in everything that he does with support of his family .we love you !i'll try to get my driving license a.s.a.p aite .so that you won't have to drive me anymore :D.hugs and kisses



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