Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ronda Ronda Kuala Lumpur

Eh blog ,,

last weekend I went to Ampang Park and Pavilion with the family .I didn't manage to go to Sogo cause I got exam at 9am .the exam finished at 11 and I straight away went to Ampang Park to meet the family .we had a gooooooood time in Ampang Park but was not a good time for us spending time in Pavilion .

too many WEIRD people in Pavilion makes us wanted to puke !I mean not my family lah ,but it's me who wanted to puke because of the crowd !Pavilion was too crowded with people yang perasan dari Tokyo ke Jepun ke Korea ke mana-mana lah .please !padahal kat malaysia je okay !dengan lelaki yang pakai heels apa semua .that's so euwy okay !!-.-"

err it's the sign of old age isn't it ?DARN !haha
anyway ,let the photos do the talking aite :)

Mak and Bapak were so tired after having to change from LRT to monorail and all .hehe

have you ever went to Cozy Corner at Ampang Park ?the food is so delicious I tell you .so I'm suggesting you guys to have lunch at Cozy Corner okay !and the TomYam is so yummylicious but I didn't order TomYam that day cause I was craving for fried rice .hehe and yeaah ,the portion was like so banyak ,it's like for 2 person punya makanan .

psst ,,I didn't put picture of Mak and Bapak cause Mak didn't smile in the picture .so macam dull sikit nnt :P:P

I gotta study for my last paper .need to score for this semester or I'll be dead !HAHA see yaa !!xx



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