Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tribute to the M.I.A friends

Hello blog !I missed you already .I miss you everyday instead .hihiks :">

Eh blog ,,

while I was going through all my folders ,files ,etc. I found these photos .

weh boleh tak nak rindu korang semua?
If I could turn back time
Bestnyaaalahaaaii :'(

hmm I just realized that there were you in most of the pictures kan kan ?do you guys realize it ?haha !well ,of course la .you and me were like spongebob and patrick tau .that's why in almost of the pictures, you were there .sometimes I got a lil bit upset when everytime I wanted to find picture for facebook there will always you beside me .sebuk !hahaha no lah ,I don't mind anyway .long long ago punya story meh .past will always be the past .we cannot turn back time .we cannot rewind what we've been through .we just need to hmm moving forward !that's the best way :)

I never felt like grudging .I've forgiven you for so long long ago tau but I'm not sure if you ever say sorry to me ?hepp Nurin !you're not supposed to talk trash about anyone .you gotta stop what you think about this little someone .heehee :P:P

I missed you .I don't care if people think Imma loser for saying this to the public .eh I peduli apa !people don't even read my blog .plus ,it's a fact that I missed you .so ,how can I live in denial kan ?if you don't miss me ,I don't mind .I don't even care about it cause it's your choice .I cannot force you to miss me .that's something stupid and crazy !HAHA

haa but this is weird .why there must be at least one day in a week I bumped into you .adoyy I'm tired la to pretend that everything is fine .eh but what's the point of pretending when you and me are actually fine .we're good .it's just that things aren't the same as we used to be .

entaaaaaahhh ,it's not like I don't accept you anymore .sometimes when I look at you ,I'll feel like AWH kesian awak ,salah saya ke salah awak ek ?haha tibe-2 :P but to be like old time is quite hard lah .now you nak sentuh I pun ada limit okay .HAHA so everything pun ada limit .bila ada limit ,semuaaaa jadi awkward .bila awkward ,situation jadi macam ni laa .senyap ,sunyi sepi .not as before .situation memang leceh !I hate situation .I mean this type of situation !hahaha

  • I can hang out with you ,seriously I don't mind .but I need someone to accompany me .I don't want to be when it's just me and you cause I'm afraid that I jadi the old me ,sebab I ni tak ego mana pun -.-"
  • I can talk to/with you ,seriously I don't mind .but yeah the way I talk might sound like I baru je kenal you .macam I borak dengan member-2 macam beLl ke ,taSnim ke ,mAira ke .yang macam sopan-2 sikit tu .hehe :">
  • I can hmm everything lah !anything that people want ,I DON'T MIND .I'm not pretending or whatever .it's just that hmm again ,limitation !nothing more can I say lah .soree bro !I am not as what I was BEFORE kot ?:-/



Blogger Shawal Abd. Rashid said...

eh nuns.... pic aku disitu.. aku pown rindu maw lepak ramai2 mcm dahulu kala. hehe.

teringat lak tyme kitak g bowling d mid.. sonok sakan, kan? hmm.. aku pown rasa mcm maw turn back tyme mcm ko. haha.

anyway. kalu xde org bca blog ko.. aku ada... sntiasa mmbaca blog ko.. (kecuali yg panjang2 la.. malas gue maw baca)..

whateva it is.. see y'all this monday, ok. aku still kat umah akak aku..

October 3, 2010 at 11:49 AM 

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