Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Boo Exams Yayy Raya !;)

eh kenapa senyum macam ni ?
macam manjengkilkan tapi seronok !
tapi rasa nak senyum macam ni every second ,every minute ,every hour and every day
boleh kan ?:D:D:D:D

Eh blog ,,

what exactly happen to me ey ?well hello world !I've finished my mid-term and all I can do is enjoy for the weekends and Rayaaaaa .weehooo :))

err I actually don't wanna talk about the exams .I know the questions weren't that tough but it was ME !I have problems in memorizing terms and the elaboration .when I memorized the terms ,I'll have the tendency to forget the elaboration .I know it's based on my understanding but I somehow needs the exact words to elaborate cause I know my lecturers .They are someone who wants us to answer exactly like what the books has said .ain't that challenging ?

Nahh ,I don't care whether I did it very well or not cause benda dah berlaku ,let it be lah .I just need to wait for the results .then baru boleh matiiiiiiiiiiiii ?:P

I'm going back home this Friday .Allah ,tak sabarnyaaaa !!:D:D I missed home so badly .now that the family told me that I have new bed .lagi lah excited nak tengok ada katil sendiri !unlike haNi and dIna ,they have to share beds .haa yelaa ,queen bed kan .nyehhh -.-"

Imma watch adaMaya .kenG just transferred it to my external .Imma enjoy my holiday babyyy !:)))))))))

Happy Holidayssss People !*hugs*



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