Saturday, September 25, 2010

In Case You Don't Know

I'm sarcastic
I'm hypocrite
I'm rude
I'm loud
I'm harsh
I'm talkative
I'm not serious
I'm a pretender
I'm a sweet talker

What else do you want me to be ?if all these attitudes annoy or irritate you already ,just back off !I don't really need you in my life

Friends come and go
True friends last FOREVER

I have lotsa lotsa lotsa friends but my true friends are less then 3 =)
I put in some humours in my talking and that makes me not serious in any cases .but ONCE I'm being so serious ,that means I'm really mad at someone or certain things or I'm so stress out .I rarely get mad and so easy to forget and forgive things that pissed me off .kira macam I ni pemaaf lah .AWH perasan much kan .HAHA

If I'm using names with you ,that means I'm totally not comfortable with you .it's too sopan for me to bergurau with you
When I'm using I and You with you ,that means I'm trying to get-along-with/understand you .it's too formal for me to bergurau with you
When I'm using aku kau with you ,haa ambek !memang boleh bertepuk tampar ,bermaki hamun segala bagai lah kan .memang seronok lah bergurau macam tu !=D=D=D

It's weird cause I'm very difficult to merajuk among friends but it's a piece of cake for me to merajuk among the family .pengaruh anak last mungkin ?:P:P

Be afraid !
Be VERY afraid !!!!



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