Thursday, September 30, 2010

Busy Bee

Eh blog ,,

Alaaa not in the mood again !have LOADS of work need to be done by end of this month .eh mana sempat ,ni je dah last day of September kan ?shoot !I'm so doomed !T_T

I only have one class for yesterday .so after Fiqh class ,I went straight away to ITD .need to find things for PPA .malas gilaaa !then balik bilik around 1.30pm ,tak salin baju ,tak naik katil apa semua ,terus landing kat lantai and fall asleep .haha biol gilaaa !macam penat sangat .padahal satu class je pun :P

then woke up at 6 !believe it or not !HAHA .went to cafe at 7 to find food for berbuka .nothing interesting eyy .safiyyah cafe ni lately disappoint many students la .tak bagus tau macam tu !sebab nak pegi hs cafe memang jauh amat .nak delivery memang tak mampu .harapan kat safiyyah cafe but then after having a meal kat sana ,semua sakit perut .aiseyh -.-"

tonight I promised myself not to sleep as early as yesterday night sebab dah tidur lama gilaaa siang hari kan .so ,here I am still awake and need some ideas to write my resume ,to think what I wanna be when I grow up .madam needs that for tomorrow class .leceh sikit lah cause I thought it's for next week punya class :(

I still couldn't figure out what job should I take after I graduated .now I realize that it's hard to be a graduated student .haha .I think I'm not gonna aim for something cause normally what I'm aiming for takkan dapat .pelik sikit with what other people think .usually people'd say that we'll get what we're aiming for kan .but for me ,it's the other way around .haa elok lah tu ,,pfft !

Gotta finish up everything by tonight



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