Friday, September 24, 2010


Eh blog ,,

Mid-termsss are FINALLY over !phew .alaa alaa tapi what I hate the most is the results !tanak dapat can ah ?=P

I got Arabic's paper and PPA's as well .Arabic was okay ,so-so but PPA was horrible !I'm not satisfied with my result and I'm sure others were not satisfied with theirs as well .therefore ,there'll be a second mid-term on Oct 12 .hambek kau !finals just around the corner but quizzes ,presentations ,mid-terms ,etc still haven't settled yet .NICE !-.-"

Oh I just finished Fiqh's mid-term yesterday night .it was hmm boleh la but as usual ,I have less ability in memorizing the terms ,definitions ,etc etc .therefore ,I couldn't answer the questions .sheesshh !

I'm off to Putrajaya tomorrow =D