Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's A Feeling I Got Inside

Eh blog ,,

I've known this little someone ever since I was in Matrics PJ .we were in the same class for Arabic and English .you were so (should I say) innocent .you refused to talk to girls .you even hate them so much especially your classmates .but I think you hate me more !X-(

it's weird when you're acting so different lately .I mean when we're now in Gombak ,you started to change so drastically .the way you talk .the way you socialize .your hair .your style .no more spectacles .no more nerdy person .everything .every-single-thing .it seems like I baru kenal you

it became weirder when you started to talk to me like nothing happened before :-/ and I just found out that you added my father dalam facebook .what the heck maaaan !what's exactly your purpose of adding my father ?aren't you supposed to hate me ?I mean ,I knew you hate me from the bottom of your heart and you just couldn't look at me cause if you looked at me ,you'd feel like slapping me in the face .am i raaaiiiteeee ?:-/

seriously ,I got nothing to do with the person you liked but the fact that I've been blabbed (ugh) made me wanna poo on your face or any friends of yours !okay now I dah start nak marah !X-(

ah !I couldn't be bothered pun if you wanna add my father but I just need to know why ?!of all the people ?!and the reason that you gave wasn't strong enough -- "nampak macam die lucu orangnye" -- SERIOUSLY bro ?!gilaaa !you don't even know me that well and you just stated a statement that you think my dad is a funny person .you're just so PSYCHO lah weh !!



Blogger AmirFX said...

Pscyho meh?! Aiyyooo.. Better look for another one till u find better n interesting...

September 26, 2010 at 9:02 PM 

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