Monday, September 27, 2010

Peace Yaww !

Ignore the picture .I don't know how to update blog tanpa letak gambar .haha
Anyway ....

Eh blog ,,

Today wasn't that awesome .yOng was not in a good mood .prolly cause she's fasting and mulut dia ada pecah-2 which makes her tak boleh ketawa .therefore ,I'm just being silent and wasn't as hyper as I used to be .relief ha ?haha

Dear people ,DON'T blame me if I'm not being friendly with you .blame YOURSELF for not being friendly to/with me .okay ?;)

Once you know the real me ,then you'll know how friendly I am .I'd rather say hai to strangers than have to be hypocrite to the haters .but when there's no choice except for tegur-ing them ,I won't disappoint them .I'll layan them as mesra as I can be eventhough for the bottom of my heart ,I feel like smacking down her/his face .HAHA

Okay .enough with the craps .off to bed~



Blogger AmirFX said...

Peace juga untuk kamu... Damaikanlah bumi palestin.... Amin...

September 28, 2010 at 2:16 AM 

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