Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dekan means Dean's List kan kan kan :)

Just ignore the picture AGAIN .I told you I don't know how to not to put the picture cause I'm updating the blog guna phone :)
Anyhow ...

Eh blog ,,

It's pretty emberassing for me to effortly get ready for the pre-registration session .beLl and fiTri told me that it will be opened on the 12th of Oct but mYa said it started today .so I was confused .therefore I ran to the tv room to go online .unfortunately I couldn't even get connected to the wireless .geez

I just watched Dear John .Ya Allah ,boleh tak nak boyfriend macho macam tu ?haha .that's the sweetest movie ever .after a walk to remember of course :) but seriously .it was such an unpredictable movie .best la .boleh pergi jauh punya !haha

Hey I just wonder how UITM students easily get dean's list in their studies ey ?what exactly the course that they are taking ?is it really THAT easy huh ?or the marking system is not as strict as UIA's .God ,I wonder .the only problem when there's a reunion is that ,when the UITM students meet their own cliques ,they started to ask about the dekan thingy .macam ,"eh kau dekan kan" ."rugilah tak dekan sem ni kalau sem lepas dah dekan" .WTF WEH !!is there really a conversation like that hah in real life ?scary mahn !cause for me ,to get 3pointer pun dah cukup payah lah !HAHA !
Btw ,apa itu dekan ?dean's list kan ?haha

Malas nak fikir .



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