Sunday, September 19, 2010

Malaysia Day

Eh blog ,,

I just got back from UIA on the 15th of September .I straight away went back to Muar as both of the classes have been cancelled -.-" I don't really mind actually cause I got to meet Sir
Moniruzzaman and he was so cute waving at me .AWH :">

and so ,
Syaza invited us to her open house on September 16 .I went there with Aqilah and Rafiqah .we met Farah Nadia and Nasihah Rasyiqah at the open house .awww rinduuuuu !long time no see Nasihah man !the last time I met her was at Azrah's wedding and we were like "eh kauuu ,last time jumpa kau kan time kite gaduh" and then bye-bye .here's the chance where we could catch up with each other again .I miss Nasihah ,seriously but well yeah ,it was a little bit awkward because she was so polite and I couldn't crack jokes that might hurt her feelings .ish susah tau macam tu !hehehe :P:P

just let the photos do the talking aite cause I'm sooo lazy to type :P

Me ,Syaza ,Rafiqah ,Aqilah ,Farah Nadia and Nasihah Rasyiqah :')

I asked them to make silly faces but this is all I got -.-"

Meet the leader of the convoy raya ,KIKI :]

Cotton lovers

Rafiqah sengaaal

meet the celebrity ,Syaza Hani (tuan rumah) !:P

the second house was Syahir's but we didn't take any pictures cause we were so tired and sleepy .and the fact that I didn't get everysinglething that came out from Syahir's mouth makes me had a bad head ache >.<>Farah's house .now this is BETTER !I started to laugh and felt so much comfortable around the girls .basically ,boys are so complicated and annoying .HAHA

before we went home ,singgah convent sekejap .



Blogger ashraff said...

nurin cepat balik iiu semual. kita belom beraya sama pon lagi!!

September 19, 2010 at 12:05 PM 

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