Wednesday, September 8, 2010

True Friends Last Forever

Oh oh I
LOOOVEEE reunion !why ?because I really need to catch up on the gossips with friends !;) whenever there's a reunion ,I'll be the only one who wouldn't stop talking .HAHA .I think I just miss the laughters and the "eh kau tau taaakkk .." moment .hihiks :">

but I just wondered if they still having a reunion for this hari raya cause if it is a yes ,they better do it before 14th of September ,okay friends ?:) don't ask me why but let me just give the answer okay ,it is because I'm going back to KL on September 14 .tell me how lame is that huh ?:-/ I knowww right ,ugh what to do ,the mother just doesn't want me to ponteng any classes as I've skipped classes for two weeks last 2 months .therefore ,I have to go back on Tuesday and go to class on Wednesday ,even if I only have one class on that day .bencinyaaaa .I better check if Sir wants to cancel the class on Wednesday because my Fiqh class is cancelled :D:D

I just had a moment to remember with the ex-schoolmates .childhood friends are always be the best among all kan ?:') I actually sort of organizing a small reunion or makan-makan for my Convent schoolmates .I just missed hanging out with them but the problem is ,people that I invited were from Dahlia class whereas I was in Orkid for standard 5 and standard 6 .it's weird eyy when you gotta hang out with the Dahlia people ?HAHA

but I think it should be a moment to remember cause well after about 10years then only I could meet this lady named Shafferina Dayana .I don't think we used to spend time together or even talked to each other ?it was hard to get along with Dahlia students cause there was some sort of bias thingy among the teachers and the students .but now everyone can chit chat with each other .tepuk tampar sana sini .no no ,no bias at all .say goodbye to the teachers ,you're just not invited !okay ni sounds jahat sikit :P:P

pictures are not with me .it was Aqilah's camera .so ,hopefully she doesn't upload all the pictures in facebook or I'm dead !:-|



Blogger geLaSkaCa said...


nama aku xnk dlm font besar jgk ke??haha

September 14, 2010 at 2:17 AM 
Blogger ~DayanaReen~ said...

Awwww Nurin Najib my dear!!!

I just read this post..sgt2 terharu sbb ade satu post about me..and my name in a big font pulak tu..hehe.actually aku try google nama aku..tbe2 kluar la link2 yg bersangkut paut dgn nama aku...then tgk2 ade one blog wrote about me and my name was there...and it was ur blog!!!!

Waaahhhh sgt rindu kat was my best moment ever to meet all of you..nanty kte wat reunion lagi eh nurin kesayangan..hehehe

Miss you so much buddy!!!! <3

February 11, 2011 at 2:22 PM 

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