Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Youtube is Fun

eh blog,,

As I was searching for Altimet's video on youtube, I found this girl who looks exactly like Katy Perry. I love her voice. Superbbbb! And her songs aren't that bad pun. Look at this video, haha cute song eyy ;)

Nice kan kan kan? I'm lovin' it! :DD

So, here's my second search. I foun THIS! Weh sumpah la lawak sial Bruno Mars ni! After watching this video, I feel like hugging him tight and never let him go. Serious lawak and sumilllll nam termampus. WATCH!

He's super duper cute isn't he? Tetiba rasa rugi tak pegi concert dia that day. But I don't think he performs this lagu kan? But seriously, you GOTTA love him after watching this video. Kikikikiki :P

Now, I gotta search for other videos that makes me laugh eyes out.



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