Saturday, April 16, 2011

Halooo dear holidays!

eh blog,,


And that's a BIIIGGG YEAYYY for me! Can't wait to go home! I miss home so fucking much. I got homesick like all the time till I got really sick. Now, dah about one week I demam. Guess, that's the sign of bringing me back home. Hewhewhew

Yesterday, me and the girlfriends went to picnic at Sg. Kemensah. Never been there before, it was nice! Felt like I was in Kedah or somewhere but not KL or Selangor. Haha. Ada BBQ and all. Seriously, I miss my girlfriends so much! We haven't spent time together for agesss dah :'( Yesterday was just awesome! But it was just me, yOng, myA, naD and zeTyyy. Fza and iDa could not join us. sedih la please.

The girlfriends. naD's missing :P

I just realized that I've been neglecting my blog for such a long time kan! Haiyaa, got no time to update meh :-/ Been busy with the finals, catching up with the friends and such. See! Where got time loh? :P:P

Hmm.. I forgot that my laptop does not have Yahoo! Messenger anymore. That's sad! I couldn't chat with Shafferina anymore :"( so, I decided to ask her if she got a skype account. If not, the element of force is needed here. Hahaha. Lately, I got addicted with skype. Actually, I got addicted with video calls. I don't know. I just loooooooooveeeeeeee video calls. So, whoever is online, I'd ask him/her to call instead of typing cause I'm so lazy to type. I'd prefer talking than typing. So yeah, LET'S use the webcam and talk.

But yesterday, Uia's internet connection was being a bitch. I was about to start gossiping with Konah. All of the sudden, I went offline just like that. Sama la terjadik kat Kesten. Budus betuls! -____-"

Imma go home and start video calling with the loveliessss. Wiihuu Wiihuu! :):):)

Gotta sleep early. Bapakkk and Emakkk are going to fetch me around 9am. And I have not finished packing yet. Omaagassss! :O

P/S: I miss them so fucking much :'(



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