Wednesday, April 20, 2011

spending such a wonderful years with them

Eh blog,,

Have you ever felt lonely? Have you ever felt homesick? Have you ever felt of hugging your parents and siblings and never let them go? Have you ever felt of staying with your family till the end of the day? Have you?

When one of your siblings is getting married, you might feel sad or something right. Especially when she/he is the first one to get married in the family. So do I. But this does not mean that I don't want them to get married or what. It is just that, well, I've sorta lost one of my friends, best friends actually.

When you're alone at home, you might want to go through your family album and smile or even laugh at the photos. Good old times. RINDU AH! So, here's mine. Let the photos do the talking eyy :)

Me and bapak, now we don't really hug with each other. Prolly cause I've all grown up and we both kinda malu to hug each other :-/

This is the time when us siblings have the same t-shirts. Ala-ala twins gittewww. Pretty cool eyy :P

Ini time, sorang pakai and pose, semua nak jugak.

I miss this a lot! The time when we didn't have to wear make ups or touch up anything. Bapak just snap the photo and tadaaaa,, diNa paling HAHA kot :P:P


After 22 years living with the family, one of the siblings has to go and stay with their partner aite. AWH! That's pretty sad eyy. Look look the difference between past years and now. It really shows that we girls really HAVE GROWN UP :)

Bukti: I'm taller than bapak and that's obvious baby! ;)

We started to smile

Haha. Dulu gaduh bagai nak rak. Now macam gedik gedik je nak gini kan. Haha. Now dah less fighting, more to discussing ^___^

That's all about the family. I don't know why I post this entry. Padahal ada je ni kat rumah tengah cuti. Gedik je pasal nak tunggu movie habis download :P

I actually miss them so much! Cause lama dah tak gather and do the gossips and all. With the sisters yang dah kerja, masing masing busy and jarang balik Muar kan. Well, memories seriously gonna make me burst into tears. But with a happy face of course! :')

With Oh,Carol song by Neil Sedaka as the background lagi sedih weh. Sumpah. Ce try! HAHA



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