Monday, April 25, 2011

Here comes the blues.

Eh blog,,

I was about to hit the sack. I'm bored like bloody bored. I could bite all my nails for 2secs. Can you imagine how boring my weekend is? Haha.

So this morning I woke up at 11am. Bapakkk said he woke up around 10. Whoahh that's pretty amazing cause he never ever done that before. I am always the last person to wake up :P

I thought makkk wanna cook for lunch. Unfortunately she was so tired doing nothing. I don't really know why she said she's tired and didn't have the mood to cook for us -____-" therefore, me and bapakkk went to MP to buy food. I drove from home to MP. Bapakkk said it's weird cause I didn't want to eat nasi. I bought Maggie and fried chicken and poppiah :)

Actually, I taktau jalan to Sungai Abong :B

At night we went to Ed Persona for dinner :)))))) I had nasi goreng ikan masin and som tam and udang goreng tepung with teh o ais. And now I'm bloated! Haha :P

I took this picture using LemeLeme application. Cool innit :D

But I'm not sure it'll look good in my blog. But it definitely looks good in my iPod :))

It was raining heavily in Muar. AWH! I miss that moment. I went out and main hujan while bapakkk was busy arranging his pemenan. I just love hujan. The smell and everything about it :))

Gotta wake up early tomorrow. Don't know where bapakkk's going to take me. Surprise! Wiihuu wiihuu! :D



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