Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Second Update

Eh blog,,

Me and bapakkk went to visit MakTon this evening. She couldn't even walk cause ada slip sikit kat her kaki which I don't really understand about it. They said that MakTon played badminton with Syamie and that is when it happened. Pity her cause she's the one who cook for the family.

Therefore, we decided to visit them as I dreamt about them last night. It's pretty sad eyy when you're no longer get closer with them. I think I just missed the old days. Tsk tsk T__T

Oh and by the way, I went to stalk my relatives' facebook just now. I stalk from the older to the youngest in the family. Look how amazing they are in facebook? JYEAH RIGHT!

After observing, I just realized that I'm old already as the youngster started to type like a rempit. Ya'know the rempit type, no? For an example, "aQ encii giLeWw at ka0." or "aQ b0WinK giLewW pTg NieWw .." WHAT THE FUCK man! Seriously, I AM SICK OF IT! Macam annoy me to the max! -_____-" You people don't even know how to type properly ke? Nak kata tak sekolah, kau memang tengah sekolah. C'mon la! Grow up!

Anyhoo, I just wanna say that
I actually MISS IraKamil SO FREAKING MUCH!

I know she will never read my blog. But yeah, that's how I feel right now. I miss gossiping on the phone with her. She just doesn't realize that cause I know she has billions of friends out there and I'm not that important to her. Sounds pathetic kan! SOBS! :P



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