Thursday, April 21, 2011

Muar is No Longer a Kampung

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It's my 3rd day of holiday. I was craving for durian since last Sunday. There were so many stalls that sell durian in KL. But bapakkk suggested to buy durian yang dah bukak pasal we girls don't really know how to kopek the durian.

Thank God we have a lunch date at Jusco Setiawangsa with Syamir's family. Therefore, I took the advantage to go buy what I've been craving for. We bought a packet of durian which consists of hmm about 6 ulas in it for RM31+. It's quite expensive tho. But, well, mak is the best, she still buy it for me. Maybe pasal nak suruh I diam kot :P

At diNa's house. Durian tu me and hanI yang makan and siap berebut lagi. Hoomaaiii -____-" As a sister, I bagi je la kat hanI since susah for her to go out and buy durian kan and me, I'll be at home till early May. So, I can just ask bapakkk to go looking for durian. Hihiks

Unfortunately, we couldn't find any of the stalls that jual durian. That's pretty sad when you're already beriya-iya to buy durian kat kampung and suddenly nadaa any of the stalls pun yang jual durian. Compared to kat KL, hoomaaii! KL macam tengah durian runtuh kot. What happened to Muar eyy? :'(

So, me and bapakkk went to Melaka this morning to buy durian. Wiihuu Wiihuu! :D:D:D:D
Bukan cari kat tepi jalan but we just went straight to Jusco. Cute kan? Pasal tak reti nak bukak durian tu nanti. Hewhewhew
And aku dengan slumber pegi took 2 packets which cost us RM35 sebab 1 packet is RM18.98. Nasiblah kan, nak ambik yang Durian Pahang memang tak la kot. Bapakkk confirm bising :P

Oh and by the way, I drove all the way to Melaka and balik pun sama. Ehems. Dah besar kan kita? Hihik :">

I love this application on iPod but I forgot which one is the one that I used to capture this picture. SOBS!



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