Saturday, April 30, 2011

Haloo Again.

Eh blog,,

I couldn't sleep. Aiyaa just now when I was on the way back from Melaka with the relatives macam ngantuk gila dah. Now tutup mata pun macam tak laku dah :-/

You see, when you're no longer ada hati to bukak twitter, you tend to have no other things to do except for bukak facebook or Skype or even YM pulak kan.

So, my decision was to spam my facebook timeline. Sumpah aku boring doh. Esok hari sure orang menyumpah je bila bukak facebook kan -__-"

My timeline looks like this few mins ago. How's yours? :P

Okay buruk gila and annoying. Kalau twitter not as bad as and as annoying as this :-/ well, I guess I just miss twitter so much :B



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