Friday, April 29, 2011

The Old Ones are the Best!

Eh blog,,

Have you ever heard of what people saying that the old ones are the best? I did. And I definitely agree with it :)

You see, I started to like kek batik when sYira, my former and the best roommate I ever had (ehems. If she reads this sure tersengeh. Haha), made it for me. I think it was in PJ, on the year of foundation and it was in 2007 or maybe 2008. She made it for me and my friends. Isn't that sweet? ;)

I think I just miss the old times where people were still in their original attitude and there's no drama at all at that time cause we were so innocent. Sigh. I miss UIA PJ so freaking much.

When we were back in Nilai, it was pretty awesome too cause I started to mix around with other people. Unfortunately I started to miss my former roommates macam Arina, tyrA, sYiraro, saRah, deeLa, etc. We were separated. Lain block and such so bonding tu dah takdok. SOBS! :(

Anyhoo, I'd like to say that I actually miss haNi's officemate's kek batik. It is THE BEST KEK BATIK I'VE EVER HAD! Nyums! :D

So I wanted to find it at Uia. Unfortunately nadaa jual pun :(
However I found it in one of the bakeries in Azman Hashim Complex. it is farking expensive! One small slice for RM2. WHAT THE FARK weh!! -____-"

Haa ni la yang mahal tu tapi tak sedap laa. Not as good as the bottom one :P

This one macam SERIOUS SEDAP nak mampos! Boleh get addicted weh! I'm dying for this kek batik! :')

So this is one of the proves that the quote is sorta true. My first rasa of kek batik is better than the second. Heh.

Gotta stop here pasal application for this blog sangat siol. Annoying. Irritating. Sumpah.



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