Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Wish I am a Celebrity for Just One Day

Eh blog,,

Have I told you that I love my iPod so much? I didn't did I? So yeah. Here's what Imma confess to you people. I, NunsNajib officially love my iPod so damn much. I couldn't even berjauhan with it for just a sec. Okay poyo much huh. HAHAHA

Here is what I did yesterday when I got nothing to do. I transferred pictures from bapak's camera into my iPod. Then I edited a lil bit. And wallaaahh!

Macam orang genius kan kan kan ;)

This is the FUNNIEST! I was hell of a happy woman at that time cause it was my first attempt and it sorta menjadi :DDD

And this I was trying soooo hard to act like I'm so ayu. Nice kan ^____^

TADAAAAA!! Here's my favourite! I rock in this photo. JYEEAAHH!! :}

I love this application but the fact that it has that 'Camera Fun Trial Version' sticker at the bottom of the picture, really looks sucks man -____-"

I don't wanna upload all cause some of them I want to make as my profile picture in facebook and twitter. So it's gonna be a surprise for all of ya! Hihiks :">

Anyway, I'm no longer active in twitter cause I just don't know what to tweet anymore. I guess I've just lost all the ideas during holiday. Gotta start tweeting once I am back in college. Pasal duduk rumah je mana nak datang idea. Ye dakk? :P

Still trying to sleep early and wake up early tomorrow. Sigh. It is just too hard to fix my sleeping pattern during holidays :((



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