Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Want More

Eh blog,,

I have about 2weeks left before I start my short semester on the 10th of May. Nangis weh! :'(

Now I'm trying to sleep as early as possible pasal esok bapakkk promised me to have lunch at AZ restaurant. Whippyy! I miss their paru goreng yang macam berhantu gila. Eat once, you'll ask for more ;)

Oh btw, yesterday I did mention about bapakkk's gonna bring me somewhere kan? We DID. We went to kedai buah. He bought fruits. He was so happy to spend each penny that ge got just the way he wanted to :P

He put an effort to cut the fruits into slices and buat kuah kicap with cili padi all by himself. Pretty awesome eyy ;)

Let's give it out a try. Nyumss! :D

So that's all about it. We didn't go to the bandar pun. Tak bandar pun jammed. What more kat bandar kan? Haha



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