Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nervous to Death

Eh blog,,

Nope! Do not step on the grass. Im afraid of this sign whenever I walk around this kawasan. However, if we walk on the other side of this kawasan, there's no other way out. By hook or by crook, you hafta step on the grass. If you don't get what i mean, do visit Uia and don't forget to visit ME as well ;)

Anyhoo,, what story suits that title? By now you should be able to guess what did I nervous for. Oh well, as what all the Uia students have noticed, result is out for God sake! :-S

I'm nervous as hell. You know me, when we talk about results, I'll be the first and the only one to be nervous to the max. Damn!! I'm afraid for every single thing :(

I don't know. I'm not ready for everything. I might be checking it on midnight I guess. Or maybe tomorrow? Nah, I don't think so. I just don't know whether I wanna take a look at it or not. I'm super cuakkkk la weh :3

And by the way, I miss this lil kiddo. Whenever I slept over at diNa's and haNi's, I'll be going to uai by train and by bus. Therefore, I'll be seeing this lil kiddo whose father is somebody in Uia. Lecturer maybe.

So yeah, everytime I bump into him, mesti he's holding satu kuntum bunga which can be eaten hujung bunga tu colour merah. Such a cutie pie I tell ya! He's talkative but I know nothing about his language :-/ and now I missed him already :(



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