Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Call it Irritating.

Eh blog,,

What irritates you to the max? What annoys you like hell? I have lotsa things that make me get annoyed so badly but I guess I couldn't list it down here cause I'm sleepy like hell *yawn*


Boring betol la once you called but I couldn't have the chance to answer, you didn't leave a message to at least tell me who you are. Aiseyhman, we are not in high school anymore la brader. I'm no longer have that type of attitude yang boleh get excited bila dapat unknown calls.

As I'm getting older, i think anonymous calls are evil. But no dude. Prank calls are way evil than that. Well, both are the same. Dah tua tua ni malas nak get SEXCITED about it. Haha :P

I did receive a call from private number. Itu lagi annoying! Sumpah. Give me at least 3 reasons la why do you have to private your number. Baik takyah ada phone. Kan. Heh!

So that's all folks. If the owner of that number is reading this, do call me back. And please don't call me around 6am. I definitely still being wrapped in a blanket. Duhh! :P



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