Friday, May 6, 2011

Foursquare Addict.

Hai, my name is Foursquare. People get addicted with me. Look how attractive I am. Aren'tcha going to get attracted with me and get addicted like others do? *wink*


HAHA Stupid me! I was kidding but it was not that funny. Well, at least I TRIED kan? :P:P

Well, do you know what foursquare really is? I bet you've already got in mind, I mean at least you can picture/imagine it kan, the website or even the badges. Ehems! :)

So did I! I started to have foursquare account around this year, 1st of January I guess. The day when I got my third phone which is also my first smartphone. Yayy! I got addicted with twitter when I owned an ipod. Then I wanted any gadgets that can connect me to twitter and therefore, Blackberry was my third target :D

Later on, I created foursquare account for fun. I started to add my twitter friends up on foursquare. Few months later, I got a hell of a great news where I can unlock 4sq badges by cheating. AWESOME innit! :D:D:D

I started to have a conversation with @OhSizuka which is also someone's girlfriend which I actually forgot whose girlfriend is she. Amaigaddd, THIS IS SO A SIGN OF OLD AGE. Dayyum! -___-"

@KhaiLow taught me about it as well. @yuck2kiss told me about websites that will give us venues that can unlock those badges. Best kan kan kan! Pasal sometimes I'll be in Chicago and the next minute, I'll be in New York and many more. Wiihuu! :D

Now I got addicted with this lil thingy. DAMN YOU FOURSQUARE! Hahaha :P:P
I spent most of the time trying to think how to unlock the previous badges cause we cannot simply unlock it guna Malaysia time. Okay malas nak explain. Once you know how to cheat, you'll understand what did I blab about. Hehe

Ni Skype. Dulu crazy about Yahoo! Messenger. Now I've moved on to Skype cause YM is no longer in my laptop. I forgot to download and install it. Pastu, malas dah since Skype caught my attention few months ago. AWH! :")

Tapi tak se-interesting YM pasal kat YM I have lotsa friends. Kat Skype takda. Awal awal kenal Skype, beriya la video cam dengan Naddy and Feesa. It was FUN! Selalu pun chat with Rafiqah, kesTen, SD, Markonah and sometimes dengan Omar and Grace. Well, tu je la kawan I kat Skype.

For those who have Skype. Let's skype-ing! Do add me and my ID is nunsnajib *promote* Hehehe:P
Haa tu la kalau chat ngan Konah, tak lain tak bukan mesti bergossip. Oh boy, I just love gossips! Seriously, siapa yang tak kan? :P

As I've said/mentioned before, pasal lack of ideas, I stop twitting for a while. I'll back on track once I balik Uia. So, just beware okay. I'll be back and bite you. Ecehh! :P:P

Eh eh! Apa ni? What is this thing? Amaigadd,,, looks delicious kan kan kan?
Okay, SO NOT actually. I'm pretty sad actually :(
My brownies turned out to be something else. BUROK BENOR GHUPENYE tu!
Rupa rupa nya kenapa? Cer tekaaa!

Scroll laa lagi :)

Rupa rupanya TAK MASAK! Bengongs please.
I didn't know how to use the oven. Therefore, brownies ni tak masak.
Look laa...


THIS is how it looks when I took it out from the oven. Eh silap, this is after I cut it into pieces. Check dalam, tak masak. Tambhi gila! -___-'

Few minutes later, I've decided to put it back dalam oven. After 20mins baru took it out. Truned out to be hangus pulak.

Lepas diNa and mak balik, bapak started to ajak everybody to at least take a bite of my brownies. Saje je kan?
Before going out for dinner, bapakk cakap dia menceret (ceret-beret). So I was like, "sebab makan brownies orang lettewwww." Bapak malas nak layan terus buat cite lain. HAH! SAH BETUL! Demmmmm ~_^



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