Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Here Comes the Beginning of Short Semester

eh blog,,

Have I told you that today is my third day in Uia? Yelp. Short semester is FINALLY here baby! Not that I like short semester. It's just that I feel free. My class is at 9.00 to 11.50am every Monday and Thursday. Best kan? ;DDD

Unfortunately, boring sikit short sem ni cause there's only a few people yang ambek plus, most of my friends tak ambek. Sumpah la boring kan! Bapak and Mak pulak didn't allow me, diNa and haNi borrow their car. Ehekss :P

Oh, I just HATE the beginning of the semester! I mean tak kesah la long ke short semester. I just hate the first day of the semester. Sumpah la penat weh. I need to unpack things, mop the floor, sweep the floor, throw all things that are not necessary, put the bags in a proper place, etc etc. BANYAK gila right! -__-"

So, here's my things that I needed to unpack. Some dari rumah and most of the bags from the store. And needed I to tell you that I carried all these from the store to my room ALL BY MYSELF????? Pinggang memang nak patah dah. Lutut dah ketaqq. Malam tu belum Isyak dah boom tido! Hewhewhew :P

Have you unpacked all you stuff? I hope you've done every single thing cause once the lecture has started, you'll definitely be a busy bee. And you'll regret of not unpacking your stuff earlier. Trust me! Been there, done that ;)

Need to take a short nap la. Mengantuks pulaks! :P



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