Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It is All About Durian

Eh blog,,

Yesterday I went to Ikano with aiN, nAna and ijAt. They wanted to have lunch but the food truck or should I just call it as stall near to tesco mutiara damansara doesn't provide tables and stools to eat. Therefore, only ijAt bought nasi with lauk. Then we had lunch at KFC since there's no food court in tesco -__-"

After that we went to Ikano! This is THE BEST part cause I got to buy DURIAN pancake! oh man! I so loovee durian! I went all excited when we were right in front of the stall. I bought a packet of cempedak pancake and a packet of durian pancake.

This is the cempedak flavour. It tastes not as nice as durian's but still okay laa ;)

Look how nice it is!

Yes! It is SUPER BLOODY YUMMY! I need to get this pancake lagi next time. I'm so craving for it right now. *drools*

And if anybody stop by at this stall, do buy some for me and send it to my hostel. You'd be the only person I love in my life after my family of course! :P



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