Monday, May 9, 2011

Dreams just Last for A Night

Eh blog,,

Last night I dreamt about one of the twins from my religious school. Do you still remember Zulhelmi and Zulhakim? The only twins that were so kenis last time. Benci gila! I just hate Zulhelmi as much as I hate Zulhakim. Playboy gila. Serious!

I was sitting in between Hazwan Hamdan (which also known as Wandan) and that Zulhelmi. Next to Wandan's Arif Hafiz (but in that dream I introduced Arif to Zulhelmi as Arif Hasnan (which is Ayip, my twitter friend)). Ngoks gila kann!! We were in 4 Daie class.

The tables weren't there for us so we hafta angkat all the meja(s) from outside. And suddenly I looked to my right, it was him. Menyampah gila! And oh, in real life, I met him at Starbucks Mahkota Parade, Melaka. He asked where was Nur from and everything whatever. And poof! He came to my dream -___-"

Then, in that dream, we talked pasal time jumpa kat Starbucks tu. I asked him why didn't he ask me instead of Nur. Haha. Sumpah MEREPEK! Then we talked like we were close friends pulak before. Tension je. Dah la we weren't wearing schools attire. I was wearing pajamas but it wasn't a proper pajamas. I wore shorts and t-shirt buruk. WTF! Pegi sekolah macam tu rupa kan :-/

So that's all la kot about the dream. I just wonder why I dreamt about those kiddos yang aku benci gila. I hope the dream lasts just for one night.



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