Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hi Handsome, Would You be My Boyfriend?

Eh blog,,

Cute right right right? No? Left? Haha :P
This is Redza Minhat. He's one of the heroes in Pisau Cukur drama. You guys surely have watched that movie kan? I like Fazura cause I think she's cute and not that gedik. That's why I watched that movie ;D

Anyhoo,, this guy is super cute ya'know! He wears shorts all the time in that movie. With that braces. AWH! I'M MELTING MAN! :")

Later on I found out that he's one of the Malay College Old Boys. Cool innit! Unfortunately bapak said he's a bit arrogant. He doesn't respect the old boys during the concert. Sedih kan! I thought he's one of the friendly type :(
Well maybe cause he's famous now, err according to bapak la. Hehe :P

Okay laa, gotta watch cerekarama sampai habis. Esok nak balik Uia. NOOOOO!!!! :'((



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