Friday, May 6, 2011

Relief. Relieve. Relieving. Reliever.

Eh blog,,

It's pretty annoying la update blog via ipod. Sometimes it got stuck and before I save what I've typed, it disappears just like that. Stress oi! Better I update it here kan. Even if it is kinda leceh pasal kena on laptop and everything -___-

Let see what am I gonna tell you tonight. Hmm..... OH! It is about my result. I've FINALLY checked my result. Phew. Thanks Allah for giving me a chance to pass all the subjects. Unfortunately, CGPA I sumpah menurun macam hareeeeeee-m. Weh. Sedih la. Tapi if I go through things that I've done during last semester, memang setepek kena kat muka tu! Memang padan muka CGPA turun. Banyak main sangat kan. That's what you'll get baby.

One down. Another two to go. Eh? Amenda agaknya kan? Haha. I was talking about my routine. This is my college life routine. Everytime when the semester has come to an end, I'd be so happy. Then cuti, macam sakan tido. Tup tup result is out. Time tu I start to get so nervous sampai bapak or anybody crack a joke pun boohh layan. Otak dah fikir results je.

And bila I've checked the results. I'd be so happy pasal I passed all the subjects. However, I of course would be the first one yang stress. Stress nak let the parents know about it. Haiyaaaa. Apa punya anak kan. My sisters did very well during their degrees. Me? Nahh, I guess aku paling worst among all :'(

AH! Malas nak fikir. Next semester must struggle lebih. Yeah yeah. Awal awal semester mesti cakap macam tu kan? Nanti end up macam mana? Macam TUUUUUUU jugak. Sigh.



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