Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May Yay or Nay?

Eh blog,,

It's May already. Look how fast time flies. Sedihnya lahai! :( Need to get ready to go back to Uia for my short semester. Unfortunately, only few of my friends that are taking short sem. Most of them still having a great time for their 5months of holiday. Waddehek! Heaven gilaa weh T___T

Well well, what am I missing when I left KL was the food. Seriously, what they have in KL, we don't have it here BUT what we are having here will definitely won't be in KL. That's how awesome Malaysia is. Okay tetibe :P

Nasi Ayam Penyet AP is what I miss the most! We have it here in Muar but it opens at 4pm and by that time, bapakkk dah malas nak keluar beli food dah. So yeah, I rarely have this for lunch when I'm in Muar nor in KL but I just miss this food. The SAMBAL especially. Nyums! :D

Krispy Kreme. Awh! How can any of you people don't like doughnut! That's pretty awful! Donuts are the best. It does taste sweet. In fact, sangat manis but then I just love it. We had Dunkin Donuts when we were small. Then Big Apple and followed by JCO. And now this Krispy Kreme starts getting famous in malaysia. That's awesome! :))))))

This one is the new food that is now on trending which is called as French Macaroons. Me and my family love it very much. It is too sweet for those who doesn't like sweet food but of course la we have this once in a blue moon. Duhh. It's not that easy to find it here. I could only find it in Harrods and G-tower. My friends did say that there are also in Empire Subang but I've never been there so I don't even know about it. You people go la check it out ;DD haNi did order from smooch, via facebook :)

Tako Tao. Ever heard of it before? I didn't too but now I know how does it taste. It doesn't taste that bad ya'know. I love the scallop one. Unagi tastes good but the filling sangat sikit. So I started to complain and don't like it :P you can find it at any Jusco outlets.

So why. Why did I tell you about food? Oh actually I couldn't sleep. And I found the pictures on my iPod. I just uploaded it and tell you a lil bit about the food that I used to have when I was in KL.

I'm going back to Uia this Sunday. Shit. I'm going to cry :'(
I hope May do treat me well until July. Then Imma have my raya in Muar. Wiihuu Wiihuu! Can't wait!!! :DD

Oh yeah, I'm looking forward to Benny and Faza's wedding around June. Nice! :)))



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